[Dshield] could be so big spam

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Thu Aug 21 20:51:04 GMT 2003

>Hello everyone,
>My wife got this in her online email. She never emailed anyone like this?  I 
>believe it is one of those spam viruses or worm or bot or spider or whatever? 
>I thought you all would like to see the body of the message. It comes with an 
>attachment and if anybody wants me to forward the email with the attachment 
>email me off list. I do not believe it came from the originator as I checked 
>their URL out. http://www.resourcecenters.com/. Also one of her Yahoo List groups 
>they seem to have a problem sending email to the list, they keep getting an 
>auto response this is a test? I dont know what that might be implying.
>John Daniels
>daniels566 at cs.com

I've been getting a lot of these also.   It was discussed earlier on the list.


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