[Dshield] likely move to infocon 'Yellow'

Richard Roy RoyR at justicetrax.com
Fri Aug 22 18:22:33 GMT 2003

To play Devil's advocate for a minute, does anyone know if there is
anything still not decoded in sobig? My "little voice" tells me that,
if, there is, and this writer was astute enough to encrypt this action,
is it not reasonable to assume that the IP's could be phony (meaning
there they are, but the code actually uses them in an algorythm to
target the real IP's)
Example, listed in the code has been decrypted and now shut
off right, but the rest of the code takes the first portion and say,
adds 1 to it so the real IP is

Just a thought, I hope the folks at F-secure decrypted the whole thing.


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Subject: [Dshield] likely move to infocon 'Yellow'

Looking at the latest reports about 'Sobig-F', I think we will move to
'Yellow' to give people a heads up on the Sobig F update activity, which
will start at 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT). 

All Sobig infected hosts will attempt to hit the same set of 20 IPs at
that time. As Sobig uses multiple NTP servers to synchronize its clock,
this activity is expected to start rather fast. 

The list of IPs are known and there have been reports that most of them
are down at this point. But even if the update is not successful, the
synchronized traffic may cause issues.

I expect we will move back to green around 15:30 EDT (19:30 UTC).

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