[Dshield] standards question

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Sat Aug 23 18:32:43 GMT 2003

>Another thing to consider is that you can pretty well assume that the abuse
>desks of the major ISPs are literally swamped due to the thousands upon
>thousands of compromised systems that currently exist.
>Your report most likely will be just added to a queue, that may never be read,
>given the current circumstances.

I report spam all the time,  and include a lot of useful information for them.  Most ISP's will autoreply back to you.   If it's serious or repeated (like spam sometimes is) then report it again and keep on reporting it (if it continues).

MY policy is 3 times,  then I phone them.   I get someone on the phone,   give them my ticket numbers (which you often get in the autoreply) and point blank ask them what's going on.

If ISP is in China,  you WILL need a chinese contact to do translations for you,  followup phone calls (which DO work),  but to attempt to contact the Chinese companies directly,  is an exercise in futility.   Sending messages in the language spoken by the people in the country gives far better results.


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