[Dshield] Snort-Ruleset for Sobig

Porter, Richard USA rwporter at nps.navy.mil
Sat Aug 23 21:20:03 GMT 2003

There was an error in my ruleset that I am posting for continuity.
alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET 8998 -> any any (msg:"Possible Sobig Probe from Outside HomeNet";)

Should read

alert udp $EXTERNAL_NET 8998 -> any 135 (msg:"Possible Sobig Probe from Outside HomeNet";)

Sorry about that



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	>This is a rule-set I whipped up to monitor internal traffic. It is by
	>known sobig ports and the decrypted list of IPs posted on
	Where is this ruleset?    I looked for it in the enclosed URL,  but just
	saw the original article.
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