[Dshield] general off list question

DAN MORRILL dan_20407 at msn.com
Mon Aug 25 12:12:50 GMT 2003

Morning folks,

During the last week, when I was posting some stats, another person from the 
seattle area also posted stats to this list. Unfortuneatly I lost the 
original poster. If that poster could contact me off list, I would like to 
work out a data sharing proposal from our IDS sensors.

Please contact me off list at my address above. Sorry to bug the list with 
this, but can't find any other way to find out the address of that person.

If there is anyone else in the seattle area that would like to do data 
sharing, feel free to contact me off list.

CTO Oak Tree information Security

Sometimes MSN E-mail will indicate that the mesasge failed to be delivered. 
Please resend when you get those, it does not mean that the mail box is bad, 
merely that MSN mail is over worked at the time.

Otherwise, hope things are going well.

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