[Dshield] (OT)PGP question...

Bob Love bob.lists at raha.com
Mon Aug 25 15:38:39 GMT 2003

> Hi,
> I was wondering which is the best FREE tool to use with Outlook XP.
> I'm kinda new to mail sig and encryption. I played with it under Linux and
> since we are a M$ company, i would like to install a pgp plug in to my
> outlook. The main reason why i want to do that, is to avoid to see
> "attachments" instead of text when signed post is mailed (for exemple
> Johannes posts).
> NB.: I tried PGP 8.02 freeware but when it comes to creates the keyring,
> ask for a license #. Is it me that do something wrong?

Dunno what you're doing wrong, but I'd check that out again if I was you...
pgp 8.02 is indeed freeware for personal use, I installed it a few months
ago and I do remember being temporarily confused by the licensing issue...
did you by any chance during the install ask it to install "pgpdisk" and the
other goodies (which do require a license)?

Incidentally... Johannes posts still come as attachments for me, and I do
have pgp installed. I usually just read the attachments it's a minor
irritation, never thought about *why* they come as attachments before. Now
you've brought it up, it's bugging me. :-)



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