[Dshield] (OT)PGP question...

Bruyere, Michel mbruyere at ezemcanada.com
Mon Aug 25 17:01:37 GMT 2003

Hi Bob, 
		Thanks for the fast reply! I'll retry to install it this
afternoon and i'll keep you posted if it worked or not... As the reason why
we receive Johannes email as attachments, then i think that only Johannes
himself will be able to tell us why.

Actually, like you said, this is minor irritation but i presume that, maybe,
many others will start to use the same technique as Johannes, then it will
become a bit more annoying.


Johannes: Can you clarify the question as why we receive your posts as
attachments? Is there a way to see them as "normal" messages (in outlook


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> > Hi,
> > I was wondering which is the best FREE tool to use with Outlook XP.
> > I'm kinda new to mail sig and encryption. I played with it under Linux
> and
> > since we are a M$ company, i would like to install a pgp plug in to my
> > outlook. The main reason why i want to do that, is to avoid to see
> > "attachments" instead of text when signed post is mailed (for exemple
> > Johannes posts).
> >
> >
> > NB.: I tried PGP 8.02 freeware but when it comes to creates the keyring,
> it
> > ask for a license #. Is it me that do something wrong?
> Dunno what you're doing wrong, but I'd check that out again if I was
> pgp 8.02 is indeed freeware for personal use, I installed it a few months
> ago and I do remember being temporarily confused by the licensing issue...
> did you by any chance during the install ask it to install "pgpdisk" and
> the
> other goodies (which do require a license)?
> Incidentally... Johannes posts still come as attachments for me, and I do
> have pgp installed. I usually just read the attachments it's a minor
> irritation, never thought about *why* they come as attachments before. Now
> you've brought it up, it's bugging me. :-)
> Regards
> Bob
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