[Dshield] MSBlast.D a good worm?

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Mon Aug 25 22:34:32 GMT 2003

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> >I don't understand why so many people tolerate spyware that is installed
> >executed without permission. I think it should be prosecuted as a virus
> >something. If the law needs to be changed then people should get the law
> >changed.
> I couldnt agree more. Most spyware actualy exploits vulnerabilities to get
the task of installing and connecting to its master complete.
> What are the legal ramifications to making and hosting a page that
installs spyware and using that installed software to infact SPY?

In addition to spying, it uses the resources of our systems. Isn't that
theft? I often can tell when I need to scan for spyware. When I was using a
system that had very limited resources, spyware was a major user of
available resources. I say that based on performance before and after

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