[Dshield] Linux Protects Microsoft

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Mon Aug 25 23:36:23 GMT 2003

"Matthew B. Penrod" wrote:
> I tend to disagree with you on this.
> Microsoft signed up for a service to offload a DDOS attack against them.
> That company happens to use linux.
> Akami has the resources and bandwidth to distribute that DDOS attack,
> where Microsoft doesn't have that type of bandwidtch and distributed
> resources to survive that.

I agree that they'll probably write it off as "that's a third party over
which we have no control", but still.  When you work for GM you drive a
GM car... I think the people involved in this deal never really thought
about it, but it's still a tad embarassing that MS would more or less
say "Our servers can't handle this, so we're farming out the job to
Foo."  And Foo runs a product that is a direct competitor to MS's bread
and butter, one which MS has always maintained is a toy that can't scale
and costs more, etc.


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