[Dshield] Cisco VPN

Leone, Michael michael_leone at merck.com
Tue Aug 26 17:47:53 GMT 2003

My university recently required a Cisco VPN client to connect to their
networks. However my experience with VPN clients (primarily on windows
systems) is that they are very invasive and take control of the Operating
System in ways that I don't like. I never used the Cisco variant though. Is
it the same as the others? Raping the system?

I was thinking about running a stripped version of Win2k on VMWARE, and
having the VPN client on that. So I could run the VPN on Win2K and Windows
XP with all my normal stuff at the same time.

It was either that or since I have 2 onboard Ethernet adapters on my
motherboard (Asus A7N8X-Deluxe), set one for the VPN client (the crappier
3com). Set the other for my stuff and just block 99% of the stuff in and out
from the 3com (except for the shared drive and E-mail).

I would consider the latter more, but since I don't know of a way to set
that up in Windows, the former might be the decided winner. Is that feasible
or am I just way too paranoid about letting PSU know what I am doing. I live
off campus, btw (they don't give housing to graduate students and research
fellows). I'd be using DSL (no digital cable), split through a speedstream
2602 router connected to a D-Link dss8+ switch. 

p.s.: Anyone have any experience with the 2602, it was $10 so I took a shot
at it. It has a firewall, but is it secure enough?



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