[Dshield] Cisco VPN

Shawn Cox shawn.cox at pcca.com
Tue Aug 26 18:29:34 GMT 2003

The Cisco VPN client is awesome.  You will not be disappointed.  It utilizes
an in memory shim vs a virtual NIC adapter.  It has it's advantages and
disadvantages though.  Advantages include not being visible to some
applications; disadvantages include not being visible to some applications.
:)  There is some good reading at www.cisco.com if you are so inclined.


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> My university recently required a Cisco VPN client to connect to their
> networks. However my experience with VPN clients (primarily on windows
> systems) is that they are very invasive and take control of the Operating
> System in ways that I don't like. I never used the Cisco variant though.
> it the same as the others? Raping the system?
> I was thinking about running a stripped version of Win2k on VMWARE, and
> having the VPN client on that. So I could run the VPN on Win2K and Windows
> XP with all my normal stuff at the same time.
> It was either that or since I have 2 onboard Ethernet adapters on my
> motherboard (Asus A7N8X-Deluxe), set one for the VPN client (the crappier
> 3com). Set the other for my stuff and just block 99% of the stuff in and
> from the 3com (except for the shared drive and E-mail).
> I would consider the latter more, but since I don't know of a way to set
> that up in Windows, the former might be the decided winner. Is that
> or am I just way too paranoid about letting PSU know what I am doing. I
> off campus, btw (they don't give housing to graduate students and research
> fellows). I'd be using DSL (no digital cable), split through a speedstream
> 2602 router connected to a D-Link dss8+ switch.
> p.s.: Anyone have any experience with the 2602, it was $10 so I took a
> at it. It has a firewall, but is it secure enough?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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