[Dshield] Cisco VPN

Neil G. Lovering nlovering at nle-inc.com
Tue Aug 26 19:17:28 GMT 2003

There is a feature called "split tunneling", which allows your 'trusted'
traffic to go via the VPN, and everything else to just head out the
Internet.  However, this is considered terribly insecure, as if someone
from the Internet gets into your PC, they then have access to your
'trusted' network.


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Nice, the only think that scares me then is having it forcing everything
go through the one nic which is tunneled to PSU. There is traffic on my
computer that I don't want to go through PSU's network, as to avoid
prying eyes. Still might run it on a VMWARE'd Win2K then, so my Windows
traffic (Trillian, Waste, Eudora, IE, etc) stays separate from PSU.
even install MS Office and most of my programs to that image and burn it
a DVD. Keep that separate also. 

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