[Dshield] (OT)PGP question...

Bruyere, Michel mbruyere at ezemcanada.com
Wed Aug 27 13:06:38 GMT 2003

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	I'm not using it for corporate use (not yet) so i don't want to pay
for something that will be personnal use... That's for sure, i'll pay for a
comercial product with support et all when i'll implement it in our corp.
Thanks for the links, i'll go there with my old 233 running 98SE ;) from


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> I wouldn't.  The reason it is free is because the protection is lower.
> There is probably a back door key whose existence is denied but careful
> searching of links like http://www.undergroundworld.de.vu/ or
> http://uk.geocities.com/textdocs/hackgen.html (this one today has a post
> defeating PGP with Lanman) will show you a way.  For protecting sensitive
> files I would advise a paid version of Safehouse or something similar.
> the 256 key option and fill it in.  Incidentally, use maximum security
> visiting sites like the ones above and exploring the links.  Read the
> cookies before you accept them and close the ports you won't need.  Be
> your anti viral software updates are less than 5 minutes old and have a
> second line of defense behind that.  Don't store windows in a folder named
> windows.  Call it something else.  Why do you have a C drive in a machine
> you are visiting hackers with?  Why not a Q drive?  Until your machine is
> that kind of protected stay away from those sites or use your Commodore
> 64/128 and it's browser when visiting Phreak land.
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>  >> I tested it again and i still get a message asking to upgrade to the
> desktop
>  >> PGP minimum. I get this error while opening outlook XP. I can open the
>  >> pgpmail tool and then sign or encrypt files (theres a dialog box
> up
>  >> asking to choose a file)
>  >>
>  >> Is it me or...??
> Aha... wait... I think it's me, you're right... sorry...
> I think you do need a license to use the Office plugins, the "free"
> won't plug into Office... I got confused, because when I went through this
> I
> immediately upgraded to the paid version I wanted to use pgpdisk to store
> some sensitive files...
> Regards
> Bob
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