[Dshield] NAT: Secure?

Jonathan Rickman jonathan at xcorps.net
Wed Aug 27 13:40:22 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 27 August 2003 08:49, Alan Frayer wrote:
> Please pardon the basic question, but I'm filling holes in my
> understanding of firewalls, and figure this is a good place to do so.
> How secure is NAT? One sees advertised dozens of inexpensive broadband
> routers with simple NAT firewalls (which isn't really a firewall, I
> know; the firewall is a side effect of the purpose of NAT), and I wonder
> if the public isn't being taken by depending on these devices.

Most of the NAT devices out there provide adequate protection if deployed 
properly. I don't think there are many devices that provide NAT only. Most 
employ some form of packet filtering that basically turns them into a one 
way swinging door. They are most certainly not the pinnacle of security, 
but for a home user or small business with no public services they are 
usually a cost effective security measure. Obviously there are a lot of 
variables involved here, but it sounds like you are looking for a high 
level blanket statement.

Jonathan Rickman
X Corps Security

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