[Dshield] NAT: Secure?

Pablo Morales Pablo at condumex.com
Wed Aug 27 15:34:25 GMT 2003

If you needed to access the internet without exposing any services to the world. I know of at least one "real firewall" that will use NAT alone to defend your network. A "NAT firewall" is in the firewall to use for networks without open services. Anything above that is an overkill IMHO.


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Just to start off, a "NAT Firewall" is not a firewall. It is, 
however, a fairly good way for people to add some protection 
to their home network.

Basically, NAT is designed to allow multiple computers behind 
a single point to access the Internet etc. The outside world 
only "sees" the router, so it wouldn't see your valuable data 
on your home PC.

When a request for a port comes to the NAT router, let's say 
port 135, the NAT router either knows to forward it, or 
doesn't. If you haven't told it how to forward 135, it just 
goes away.

Hope this simple explanation from an even simpler individual 

I've logged all the connections that my router has "turned 
away" since april.


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>Please pardon the basic question, but I'm filling holes in my
>understanding of firewalls, and figure this is a good place 
to do so.
>How secure is NAT? One sees advertised dozens of inexpensive 
>routers with simple NAT firewalls (which isn't really a 
firewall, I
>know; the firewall is a side effect of the purpose of NAT), 
and I wonder
>if the public isn't being taken by depending on these 
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