[Dshield] Can you copyright a picture of a dialog box?

Pablo Morales Pablo at condumex.com
Wed Aug 27 19:13:35 GMT 2003

I think they are just doing it for "their" pictures. They probably want to prevent people from using their .gif files. Most likely their portal software just adds the copyright leyend to every image.

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I was reading up on MSBlast on Computer Associate's Virus Encyclopedia when
I noticed a disturbing little addition to their images: "Image Copyright ©

How do you copyright a microsoft windows dialog box? or even an image of a
microsoft windows dialog box? If I get an error message as shown in their
copyrighted image am I infringing on Computer Associate's copyrights? If I
take a screenshot of my computer's dialog box will Computer Associates sue
me for copyright infringement? I think the use of copyrights is getting out
of hand.

Relevant pics are found:


Bjorn Stromberg
Mid-Continent Testing Laboratories, Inc.

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