[Dshield] NAT: Secure?

Leone, Michael michael_leone at merck.com
Thu Aug 28 13:42:59 GMT 2003

The problem I have for ads is when they are "customized", I get stuff like
"Buy a Honda civic even though you are bankrupt" or "Do you need a lawyer
for a DUI?" It's stupid because 
a.) I have my debit card only which I can gain credit from if I so choose
to, but I have good credit from all my school loans anyway.
B.) I have a car, I dislike Hondas I think that a 4 cylinder is only half of
a motor.
C.) Never had a DUI in my life nor did I ever need a Lawyer for anything
because I haven't had as much as a parking ticket.

So are they really customized? Unless they are going to sell me a 2004 Dodge
Ram SRT-10 or a Corvette Z06 for under $30k with no strings attached, I'm
not interested. Which leads me to that most of the ads on the internet are
for scams or Legal scams that include "no payments for 6 months", but wait
if you don't pay off the total balance at the end of the 6 months you revert
to their special rate of 45.99%. Or if you miss a payment, even if its their
"clerical error", it jumps to 55% + a $1,000 service fee. So I ask, who is
really going to go for that?

Furthermore, I pay precious money for my systems, every instruction that
rushes through my cpu or packet that comes through my nic I paid for. That's
my money being spent (past or present). I will not have some stupid flashing
advertisement for Russian mail-order brides, make my computer slower, and
compromise my security and privacy. Not that I visit any illegal sites and I
really have nothing to hide (other than the tapes of my Fiancé), but the
principal still stands. They don't need to know, and its my God-given right
as a human being that I have the option of never letting them find out. I'm
half paranoid schizophrenic as it is, I don't need to worry about the "CIA
owns Gator.com and is spying on you". 

P.S.: I'll be switching the Dshield from my work E-mail to a private E-mail
for its that time to go back and see if I can't bang out that Masters degree
before the turn of the century. I'll be on a few day hiatus, but by Monday I
should be back in full swing again. 

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