[Dshield] its not even Holloween yet?

richard buster044 at mchsi.com
Thu Aug 28 14:37:59 GMT 2003

W32.Pinfi is a memory-resident polymorphic virus that will infect the .EXE and .SCR files. This virus can also spread via mapped drives and network shares. 

Wierd; first I am taken offline for two weeks due to electrical feedback into the cable line line, thus burning out the splitter, like wise the cable modem goes down, well solved that prob, never had that prob before, hope to never again.

Tah secondly my report to dsshield was beyond belief the hit count for several days, last one sent was over seven thousand, yet confirmations only show 30 to 40 recorded, it just did not make sence. Well prob seems to have cleared up, but time will tell.

And the present moment joy due to catching a virus, or per say Norton caught, but the process was different from any other I have encountered.

I started my early morning ritual of turn puter on, coffee, cig, and I dont like leaving Norton updater on auto for security reasons, so I run the auto updater every morning, its a ritual.

This morning was no different, there was an update, dowloaded in couple seconds, and usually for Norton to than install the update it usually takes couple seconds than its installed no biggy, but this morning was different, 20 to 30 minutes later Norton virus protection poped up, virus repaired you may now start using your machine again. Than it finished installing the update, it did not require a reboot, but garunteed I did, checked the system, a ok, but damn it was exciting for awhile, and maybe I am not the only one!

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