[Dshield] Netgear Vulnerability?

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Sat Aug 30 14:35:55 GMT 2003

A similar experience with both Netgear and Linksys routers caused me to discover
what seems to be a bug, or possibly a misconfiguration that I never figured out.

When the router is receiving a high number of pings, such as we are experiencing
with Nachia,  the little log file fills to capacity which will lock it up.  I
have not figured out the log size limitations yet, but there is one, and the
reboot clears the log, and lets them run great until they fill again.  At normal
levels of traffic, the log is offloaded to the receiving computer and resets

What with 20K to 30K pings coming in to our network daily for the past several
days, this is something that must be kept on top of, I guess.  At least until I
learn a little more about it.

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| Something is happening to our router every few days at about 2:00 am or
| so. There is absolutely no hardware issue. In fact it functions
| perfectly to the LAN but gets "broken" to the WAN. A reboot clears the
| problem and there is nothing in the error logs.
| We have two routers but the RT314 is the only one exposed to the WAN.
| We're using hacked ZyXel firmware which has been stable for over a year
| and this starting happening just over the last two weeks.
| Is this my usual paranoia or is it possible to DoS the router?
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