[Dshield] port 1026-1031 update

Bill McCarty bmccarty at pt-net.net
Tue Dec 2 00:41:23 GMT 2003

Hi Chris,

Yes, subsequent to my email, I noticed that today's DShield count of 
targets associated with port 1026 and, even more so, port 1030 has 
basically gone vertical. The related ports 1027-1029 and 1031 don't show 
this surge. So, other folks are definitely seeing something like what I'm 
seeing. This wasn't immediately evident earlier in the day. And, the rate 
of increase seems exponential at the moment: In the ensuing couple of hours 
since my earlier message, the number of targets in my own network has 
almost doubled, increasing from 7 to 12.


--On Monday, December 01, 2003 7:00 PM -0500 Chris Brenton 
<cbrenton at chrisbrenton.org> wrote:

> I've seen one scanning IP in the last week but dshield is showing it
> ramping up. A query on port 1026 shows:

Bill McCarty

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