[Dshield] W32/Mimail-L adds new spin on attack against anti-spammers

thor@pivx.com thor at pivx.com
Tue Dec 2 19:45:58 GMT 2003


In a new twist, a follow-up e-mail is sent to the infected user stating
that an order for a CD containing images of child pornography will be
delivered to their postal address. To stop the order, the e-mail
advises, they should respond to what appears to be an e-mail address for
billing complaints, but which is actually an e-mail for one of the eight

"So many Internet users are flooding us with complaints about these
child porn CDs that we supposedly ordered for them," said Linford,
adding that he was cooperating with police. 

Do people still think spammers are not producing viruses? I can't wait
to see Spamhaus bust some spammers, as they have stated publicly they
have plenty of evidence of criminal activities and are working closely
with federal authorities.

By the way, W32/Mimail-L relies on IE exploits which are prevented by
the FREE Qwik-Fix 0.57 ;)


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