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Wed Dec 3 15:03:30 GMT 2003

Rick Klinge wrote:
> Does anyone know where I might obtain a list of all the china, japan,
> malaysia, korea IP Assignments?  I figure If I can block the class A of say
>,, etc then I would be able to eleminate about 90% of our
> spam and pornography problems.  I have looked throught the IANA but couldn't
> find any.
> Thanks,

While on the surface your idea may appear to be workable, I seriously doubt that you will see much of a reduction is spam. Our studies show that over 80% (and on most days over 90%) of all spam attempts against our customers originates from hijacked xDSL and cable modem systems that are running open proxy servers. Most of these systems are in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, and the middle east.

China, Korea, and Japan used to be a major source of junk, but we have seen a significant drop of spam attempts originating from Asia.

If you are looking for a 'simple' netblock solution, I believe that you would have better results blocking the LACNIC allocated netblocks than the APNIC netblocks. Also, please be aware that if you block APNIC netblocks, you will probably also block Australia and New Zealand.

Good Luck!

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