[Dshield] OT: Discussion forums for spyware, adware and malware in general?

Michael Leone loki at psu.edu
Wed Dec 3 18:00:14 GMT 2003

I do not believe ad/spy/scum/mal-ware is off topic here. They pose more of 
a security breach and contain more poor coding than a Microsoft product. I 
had the distinct displeasure of attending a marketing class; whilst in 
there part of the topic was developing marketing data collection programs - 
a.k.a spyware. Not only do they endorse it, they even went into coding it. 
Some of the examples that they borrowed code from were in fact viruses. 
They also went in depth on how to penetrate personal firewall systems on 
"consumers" [I say victim] computers.

These programs are a [ Clear and Present :-) ] danger to personal and 
corporate privacy and that is well within the bounds of Dshield. But 
instead of focusing on removing specific programs, how do we remove the 
threat altogether?

Personally I am for tracking down the authors, and throwing them a good 
beating. Or we can raid their homes and take their computers. Hell, the 
RIAA can do it without a warrant, so can we.

But what confuses me, doesn't spy/ad/mal/scum-ware violate the dmca? We 
should start class action lawsuits against spammers and scum-marketers. 
Heck I could always use a new car, why not get some money from the biggest 
nuisance since mosquitos.

What's all your takes on this? 

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