[Dshield] He thinks he is bulletproof, is he?

Stephane Grobety security at admin.fulgan.com
Thu Dec 4 16:25:39 GMT 2003

>> It's really all about trade-offs:

GC> But that's what security is all about. It's risk management. There
GC> are *always* tradeoffs . . .

Sure, but some tradeoffs are worth it, some are not. This guy is
apparently willing to put up with a great deal of trouble and
discomfort for his security. One could wonder if different solutions
(like switching to a tightly locked down Linux system or installing
firewall, anti-virus and OS patches on a modern version of windows)
wouldn't provide an equivalent security level but with a lot more

GC>  If he's willing to loose a lot of
>> time working around problems he created for himself and loosing
>> access to resources because of his choices in security, good for him.
>> However, the large majority of computer users don't have that luxury
>> and moreover his behavior is like proposing we stop using cars
>> because there are too many accidents.

GC> I didn't read it that way.  It more reminds me of the tag line of the 
GC> old Xterra ads:  "Everything you need, nothing you don't."  Sounds like 
GC> good security practice to me . . .  ;-)

Not to me, really. Look at it this way: I don't really NEED a VCR, a
TV, a DVD player and a computer at my home and getting rid of them
would lower the risk of them being stolen (drastically). But it's a
tradeoff I'm not willing to make, not because I *NEED* them, because I
think the pleasure I get from these items is worth the tradeoffs. Even
if it means I now have to lock my door.

GC>  It sure would solve a problem,
>> but it's not what you can call progress or even improvement.

GC> <sarcasm>
GC> And Windows is an improvement over . . . ummmmm . . . what?
GC> </sarcasm>

Who talks about Windows ? And for that matter, Windows XP is a large
improvement over windows 9x and 9x was a major improvement over 3.1...

But, anyway, we all need a scapegoat anyway... ;)

Good luck,
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