[Dshield] He thinks he is bulletproof, is he?

WMAVT@aol.com WMAVT at aol.com
Thu Dec 4 22:26:19 GMT 2003

I for years now used 98Lite on an old 133 machine with 32 of Ram.
I have NO Outlook, No MSmessenger, No IE.
I have nothing for a mail bug to use as 98% of all bugs are written for 
Windows programs that allow Bugs to Spread.
I see two reasons that M$ built Windows the way it is all OS's 1 to keep 
everything simple for people that do not know much more than how to turn on a 
computer and TO KEEP track of What people DO!!!!!!!!!!!
check it out here I got it what free not sure what it costs now 
               Have fun Bill

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