[Dshield] in regards to He thinks he is bulletproof, is he?

attechni attechni at attechnical.com
Fri Dec 5 05:26:23 GMT 2003

Hi Kenneth Coney

I have seen from a number of places, 
Which I dont remember now, that nothing is bullet proof protection.
So always checking and never assuming would probably be the better attitude to 
Although this person's methods may seem a little out dated with using DOS, 
they are obviously somewhat techsavy to be able to accomplish the things that 
you have told us that they have done. 
I would attempt to complement them on what they have done, show interest and 
build a rapport with them.
  It looks like if it is approached from the right way. they could be a asset, 
helping to keep the network secure from virili etc.
One of the programs that you might recomend to them,that they may enjoy 
running is fprot DOS.
I use this on Windows systems that will run DOS. It is not a realtime scanner.
 The reason I use this. In addition to other ant-virus software that has real 
time scanning.
 Is the theory that by booting into MSDOS,
and not starting the windows shell. The virili etc will not have a chance to 
mask itself. I also agree that they look like a good candidate for the Linux 
OS. Especially since most of what they do is from a command line and they 
prefer it that way.
                                                 Hopethis helps some    atius

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