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Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Fri Dec 5 12:35:25 GMT 2003

I sure don't want to grab any glory, but has anyone ever considered those that
run the various flavors of Windows, who have been diligent about keeping them
updated, and A/V definitions up to date (as far as possible) and never have been
compromised or infected? Or those who run and maintain a mixed Windows/Linux

How many are diligent when setting up a new machine about downloading all the
updates and patches before placing that machine on the internet?  My log files
reveal that hundreds of machines are daily set up with the basic CDROM and then
placed on the internet before installing any A/V solution, or going through the
update/patch process.  This methodology almost guarantees an infection or
compromise before the task has been completed.

I would want to give credit where credit is due, but remaining in the dark ages
as far as technology goes, should not be the criteria for network or internet

Go a few years back and how many of us even thought about firewalls, NAT, port
blocking, or any of the other techniques that are now common place in our

Remember, not everyone has installed Kazaa, Napster, IRC, and the like which
opens up new avenues of attacks and compromise.

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| Hi Kenneth Coney
| I have seen from a number of places,
| Which I dont remember now, that nothing is bullet proof protection.
| So always checking and never assuming would probably be the better attitude to
| have.

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