[Dshield] He thinks he is bulletproof, is he?

Stoney Jiang SJiang at Bid.Com
Fri Dec 5 15:07:57 GMT 2003

Good point. There is no 100% secure.

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There is no such thing as "secure".  If I told my boss that we have now
reached a "Secure" state,
I would be job hunting.  "Secure" is not something we acheive.  At least
I hope not, or most of us
will be out of jobs.  I define security as minimizing risk to an
acceptable level while not
spending more for security than the price of what we are securing.  I
know there are a million
formulas, but this one is simple.

So is he secure?  Well, how much is his computer and information worth?
So what if he doesnt get
a virus for 12 months, is it worth the restrictions he has placed upon
himself?  Does it make


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