[Dshield] AOL Broadband

Wayne Larmon wlarmon at dshield.org
Fri Dec 5 16:44:47 GMT 2003

> Thanks for the tip, Samantha. I just checked the Linksys site, and found
> two relevant documents. The first tells me how to configure the router
> for PPPoE, but the second specifically says I must install AOL 8.0 (or
> newer?) on EVERY computer. They don't explain why. I can speculate they
> are suggesting upgrading AOL on all computers, to be able to take
> advantage of the PPPoE connection, but the way they worded this makes me
> afraid my non-AOL computers will not be able to use the gateway.

Will this help?

YoLinux Tutorial: AOL and Linux

This tutorial covers the PengAOL software installation and configuration
necessary for one to connect to AOL using Linux. (uses P3 protocol) It is
assumed that you have a working telephone modem. (There is also an option
for using DSL.)

I saw this linked from Slashdot recently.

Wayne Larmon

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