[Dshield] FW: Windows 9x Security Update Beta Invite

IT Manager ITmanager at rjl-pensions.com
Fri Dec 5 21:15:11 GMT 2003

I received this today.

Is this legit or what?????


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Subject: Windows 9x Security Update Beta Invite

This information is confidential.

Microsoft would like to invite you to participate in the Windows Security
Update beta program.  Microsoft is considering developing a CD that will
provide the critical security updates found on the Windows Update website
for computers running Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME
(Millennium Edition). This security update CD will be of special benefit to
customers with slow internet connections and for those customers who
typically do not visit the Microsoft website to download updates for their

For preliminary testing, we would like to ensure that the older machines,
specifically those running Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition & Windows
ME (Millennium Edition) installed, will be compatible with all of the
critical security updates included on the CD. To accomplish this, we would
appreciate your assistance in participating in our one time beta program.

Our goal is to have a well targeted group of testers willing to actively
participate and provide useful feedback to our development team.  Your
feedback will be critical to the success of our product.

If you are selected as a technical beta tester, you may be required to:
·	Participate in private beta newsgroups
·	Submit bug reports online
·	Complete periodic surveys hosted on BetaPlace to obtain your input on
various technical issues

Before you continue, it is important to understand that the beta release of
any product will not display the stability of a shipped Microsoft product.
You may encounter problems with this beta CD that could possibly result in a
loss or destruction of data.  This release is not appropriate for production
use, and we suggest that you back up your existing data before you install
and run this software.

If you are interested in participating, please use this special guest
account below to access a nomination survey on http://www.BetaPlace.com
<http://www.betaplace.com/>. Note: Using a personal or previously-assigned
BetaID will not grant you access to the survey.

1.	Log on to www.betaplace.com
2.	Sign in using your .net passport
3.	Select - "If you were issued a Guest ID by Microsoft, you can sign in by
clicking here"
4.	Enter the guest ID: betaupdate (case sensitive)
5.	Select the "Windows Security Update" program
6.	Select "Survey"
7.	Then select "Windows Security Update Beta Nomination"
8.	Fill in the required information and Submit.

Guest Access Account
Guest Beta ID: betaupdate

The Beta Nomination Survey will be available until Sunday December 7th.

Participants will be chosen based on the survey results. You will only be
contacted if you are selected to participate.  Thank you and we look forward
to hearing from you.

Please direct all questions to wincdup at microsoft.com
<mailto:wincdup at microsoft.com>

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