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Mark Challender MarkC at mtbaker.wednet.edu
Tue Dec 9 01:30:24 GMT 2003

New Comcast cable modems actually have a built-in firewall and do NAT for
the user.  I checked one out the other day and was very pleased to see that.

Mark Challender, MCSE
Network Administrator

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I suggested to MS several weeks ago that they needed to create these types
of CDs and give them away along with 1000 free hours of MSN at local
WalMarts, K-Marts, Targets, etc. (along the lines of what AOL has been doing
for years.)  They thought I was nuts.  

Maybe they had a change of heart.


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As I spent about 2 hours yesterday at the local Best Buy purchasing a NIC (1
minute to pick out the NIC and 119 minutes to stand in line and pay for it),
I overheard a "tech" actually telling a purchaser of a new DSL modem to
first install firewall software, then AV software, then the modem, then
patch everything in sight, then run a full AV scan.  I was shocked that she
actually spent the time to explain all of this to the customer.  Good for

NOW, if only we can get MS to make these type of patch CDs available to the
stores selling to retail customers and require their installation of patches
BEFORE hooking up to the 'net...

-Tom Geairn

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