[Dshield] Are virus writers and spammers working together?

attechni attechni at attechnical.com
Tue Dec 9 12:26:54 GMT 2003

Are virus writers and spammers working together?
It looks like they are geting alot closer to proving the corelation between 
spammers,and virus writers.

In a article by Antone Gonsalves. That is posted at Tech Web. I quote Antone 
Gonsalves saying in the article.
(The use of viruses to commandeer personal computers on the Internet for 
relaying spam is a trend that started this year and is expected to escalate 
in 2004, an e-mail security company said Friday.

 In the last six months, MessageLabs Inc. has seen a steady rise in the use of 
spam and virus techniques in sending out junk e-mail hawking drugs, 
pornography and sexual enhancements.

The Minneapolis-based company, which filters corporate e-mail for spam and 
viruses, intercepts about 27 spam messages a second today, up from two per 
second at the same time last year. Sixty-six percent of those messages are 
generated from PCs that have been taken over by spammers without the 
knowledge of the computers' owners, Mark Sunner, chief technology officer for 
MessageLabs, said. ) The article is available here.
There is another short but interesting article on RAT infested PC's from Dec.3 

W32/Sobig-F is the one that someone keeps trying to send to me. I am lucky I 
have managed to get the amount reduced from 3 a day to 1 by using filters in 
Spamassisn. I am so glad that you guys recommended This little Dutch Boy with 
his finger in the Dam to switch over to Linux. As most of what has came 
through the pipe. So far(and I say that with fingers crossed.) Can't make my 
system even sneeze. In the meantime as all of this was happening I have been 
learnigning Perl and CGI Programming. I would like to lern more about system 
security and IP Chains. And I am attempting to do so. I also would like to 
participate in logging. And sending my logs to D-Shield. Unfortunatly my 
router is not a Linyk sys one it is a Belkin so I am going to have to wait 
untill I program something for it. I Guess? Any advice on this would be 
appreciated,                   Thanks  atius
I am allways checking though. And allways scanning the system for virili.

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