[Dshield] LinkSys, WWW server, and IP addresses...

ECJB ecjb at ecjb.net
Tue Dec 9 20:15:53 GMT 2003


I have a query for y'all.

I'm running a LinkSys BEFSR41 router with 2 computers behind it.

One, my XP machine, has a static IP ( and runs the 
following servers:
Apache WWW
and I'm still trying to figure out how to get QT "Darwin Streaming 
Server" to work.

I also use Trillian with ICQ, IRC, MSN, and Y! on this machine.

My other machine is assigned dynamically and at the moment is running 
Windows 98, although I plan to put Linux on it in the near future.

My question/problem is this:

Looking at the LinkSys LogViewer logs, it looks like all accesses to my 
port 80 have a destination IP of (to the router, anyway), while 
all other accesses end up with my external IP, or for my 
FTP server.

DShield throws away all IPs with a destination of

What's going on here?

- Eric.

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