[Dshield] APP373 file error

Bob Savage bsavage at rnr-inc.com
Wed Dec 10 13:27:50 GMT 2003

A very close friend wrote me that he is getting a popup with the follow message:

	The APP373.tmp file is linked to missing export SHELL32:SHGETFOLDER PathA

Happens only when he is online.

This guy has a dialup connection with Windows 98.  The PC is probably unpatched and minimally protected, if at all.

Does this sound like adware, a trojan, virus, or just a bad install of something?  I Googled "APP373" and found nothing.  I'm going to try to help him long distance and I thought I'd send him a CD with some tools to work with.  The dialup connection sure limits what I can have him try!


Bob Savage

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