[Dshield] APP373 file error

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Wed Dec 10 15:03:28 GMT 2003

	The APP373.tmp file is linked to missing export SHELL32:SHGETFOLDER

Happens only when he is online.

Does this sound like adware, a trojan, virus, or just a bad install of

I "googled" for shell32 and SHGETFOLDER and got two links. The first is
someone asking basically the same question - just different file name.  The
second one talks about an update to a C+ program to correct these errors.
So I suspect that the program that has been installed on your friends
computer was written in C+.  I would download ad-aware (www.lavasoftusa.com)
and run it to see what it finds. Also, I like to run Spybot-Search and
Destroy. It picks up some things that Ad-Aware doesn't and visa versa.  


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