[Dshield] mail1.giac.net spamcop listed

Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Fri Dec 12 05:23:49 GMT 2003

I'll add to that one. I use the spamcop list as the first of several RBLs
and it accounts for over half my deleted spam (because of connection
problems that occasionally arise, I cache for 24 hours any IP I test with
one of the RBLs I use that is reported as a spammer, and most of the other
half of my deleted spam is deleted because of that cache, so spamcop's
responsibility is probably much greater). With the help of a very short
whitelist, I get about 98% of my spam removed immediately, with one false
positive every couple months. Then again, my filter only manages 9 people's

Josh Tolley

Hanke Penning wrote:

>Hello out there!
>>Even though spamcop clearly states (www.spamcop.net/bl) that the
>>list should not be used for production servers, people do.
>Yes, for example, I do. Spamcop ist one of the best services. The
>problem in this case is *not* spamcop, but the dshield user who
>his dshield-confirmations as spam.
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