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Hello afrayer at frayernet.com (Alan Frayer),

In reference to your comment:

è AOL was only
è charging them $25 for the DSL connection ... about half
è of what the local
è phone company charges. Then, AOL charges them
è another $20 for the login
è account, which I discover to be required to use the DSL

OK Its like this AOL will not tell you the truth! 
I have use AOL "Through" both cable and DSL.
2 points   
              1: AOL does Cut your bandwidth buy about 2/3s, if you run a 
speed check it will look good as ALL AOL goes through a proxy server "AOL's" They 
also TRACK everything, where you go, what you buy, even What you PRINT 
                  2: AOL has a price plan called Bring Your Own Service       
                      Most DSL providers have at least 3 different price 
plans all depending on the Speeds you want or Need. Some where around $25 to $49 
add the AOL 14.95 for BYOS and you will be close to the Cost your client is 
paying now. 
                    One more thing most people do not know of. AOL has a 
program call Screen Name maintenance, $2.95 per month, what is does is keep you 
Screen Name active, you cannot sign to AOL BUT you can still use AOL mail 
through AOLnet MAIL. 
                   Make sure they are using an AOL software version no higher 
than 6.0. Dont listen to AOL 5.0 and 6.0 will run on winXp if you get the 
right version. AOL was sued over this and lost BUT still continue to say ONLY 7.0 
and above are for Highspeed, 7 and above Open a minimum of 8 TCP ports and 6 
UDP ports, are active on at least 3 of both at all times and listen on the 
others, AOL also sneaks there doodoo through "winXps Telephony service" If you 
stop it you cannot get to the web. 
                 Remember that AOL 8.0 and higher WILL USE up to 440 MB of 
HDD space and a minimum of 35% of your system resources!!!!!!!
               I speak with more knowledge that most put I cannot say here as 
AOL might get mad at me    Heehee 
               Have fun Bill
Ps Do Not Believe AOL ever,,,,,,,,,,,,, need more info wmavt at aol.com
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Date:   12/5/2003 5:39:18 AM Mountain Standard Time 
From:    afrayer at frayernet.com (Alan Frayer)
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On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 22:46, John Holmblad wrote:

> Alan,
> Since AOL is most likely reselling another service provider's DSL 
> service (e.g. Verizon, Bell South, etc) your client is probably better 
> off getting the service from that provider directly. In the cae of 
> Verizon at least, you would get a PPPOE connection to their IP network 
> and, from there, to anywhere you please on the Internet without having 
> to use any particular client or OS on your client's computers/LAN,  as 
> long as there is a router (e.g. Negtear/Linksys/Cisco/Dlink, etc) 
> between those LAN connected computers and the DSL line+Modem.

I asked the client about this, and they mentioned that AOL was only
charging them $25 for the DSL connection... about half of what the local
phone company charges. Then, AOL charges them another $20 for the login
account, which I discover to be required to use the DSL, so it balances
out, except they have so much business e-mail coming to their AOL
account, they're effectively married to the company. That's why I was
hoping to get around the client.

> It does surprise me however if, as you assert, AOL requires its own 
> client to be used to mediate access to the Internet, because that would 
> seem to be very cumbersome and provide all the more reason to go 
> directly to the incumbent telco who owns the local loop as opposed to a 
> reseller such as AOL. MSN, etc. I should add that I don't have any 
> particular axe to grind for/against AOL, and though I have been a 
> customer of their portal/email service for ~10 years with good success, 
> I don't think they add much value when it comes to DSL services.

It caught me by surprise, too. I tried connecting the DSL modem directly
to the Linux notebook, and could not inspire a connection, but then I
didn't configure it for PPPOE. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can figure out
what needs to go in the Linksys router to make the AOL connection
invisible to non-AOL computers.


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