[Dshield] mail1.giac.net spamcop listed]

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Sun Dec 14 05:18:04 GMT 2003

The whole Spam Cop, Postini, or whatever tricks the different ISPs are 
playing with seems like a misguided approach to me.  Fast and dirty.  But 
not very good.  I think I would rather see a more serious approach being 
taken by the IP owners to track down the actual individuals originating the 
spams and the companies paying them to do so.  Allowing these halfway 
measures like Spam Cop, Postini and the other similars to proliferate and 
become the accepted way of dealing with Spam does nothing to discourage it, 
doesn't prevent new Spam, and does nothing but slam mail sites owning 
forged headers and the people who are the victims of false complaints.  Far 
better would be for the IPs to actually throw some time, money and effort 
at tracking down where the Spam commands actually originate then charging 
them for unauthorized spamming, or theft of computer time or something 
similar.  We all know ISPs keep logs.  So what's happening on the 
investigation into the actual origination place of Blaster and Nachia?  Is 
anyone even trying to track the first instances of those viruses down and 
identify who?  Probably not.  Easier and cheaper to say "here's a patch and 
buy/get this software if you are infected."

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