[Dshield] 1. Re: Anyone know how to get ride of W32/Sircam.worm@mm?

attechni attechni at attechnical.com
Mon Dec 15 15:12:51 GMT 2003

>    1. Re: Anyone know how to get ride of W32/Sircam.worm at mm?
 You can find Info on the Sircam.worm,and the files that it affects at Bit 


Click on the sircam name and it will give you info on it. Or click on download 
to get the removal tool.

And if you want to use Panda Antivirus. For a free online scan one of the 
places you can find that is at my site. It is the Active Scan box just click 
on it.

                                                  Hope this helps     attechni

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