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David Hart DavidHart at TQMcube.com
Mon Dec 15 21:36:37 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 14:44, Richard Golodner wrote:
> But what if there is no need for your company to do business with Asia? Is
> it wrong to firewall the netblocks of companies, organizations and people
> that do not need to access my corpoarte network? I save myself a lot of
> headaches by not allowing Wanadoo traffic see my network. Is this wrong?

Certainly not. I have most of Asia whacked. However, that's a decision
made for my small firm. Verizon (our ISP) has no right to to make those
assumptions for their customer base.

The issue boils down to informed consent. My complaint with SBC (which
has since cleaned up their act post Osirusoft) was that they did all
this filtering without the knowledge - let alone consent - of their

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