[Dshield] mail1.giac.net spamcop listed]

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Mon Dec 15 22:00:34 GMT 2003

Blocking at the gateway is a last defense, and serves to reduce the risk.  That
is all the mail server administrator can do.  He is not authorities to the rest
of the world, and cannot impose any rules on service providers to clean up their
respective acts. All he can legally do is to refuse them access to his servers.

I would prefer not to have to do any blocking, however, with the current state
of email affairs, their has not yet been advanced a better way to conserve my
(and by extension, my clients) resources.

We also block all of China-Korea-Wannadoo, and some others who have lost the
privilege of sending mail to our clients.  I don't see the enabling of the US
"Can Spam" act as having any effect on our blocking policies at all.  There are
a number of US sources which are blocked as well.

We have a number of corporate and business clients who route their incoming mail
through our gateway servers, and have told us of the increased productivity, and
cost savings They now enjoy.  This together with an on-going education process
of the end users about proper company mail usage, is giving them back control of
their in-boxes.

Where do you suggest the problem be addressed, if not at the gateway?  We are
not trying to save the world, just reduce our own risk.

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| I have to say this, and it is in alignment with some of what has been said,
just not as direct.
| If we are having to block email at our gateways and workstations, its too
late.  These issues need
| to be addresses long before it reaches our networks and systems.  Its sort of
like our users
| getting emails that are trojanized or infected.  If it gets to my users and
its up to me to try
| and protect them, I am going to fail.  No matter what I do, there will be one
that will get in.
| And I certainly cannot rely on them to not open it.  After all, they are
trained to open email
| this same way every day, all day long.
| The same can be said for spam.  This is a much larger issue that needs to be
addressed long before
| we should be dealing with it.  There are a few engineers here, trying to save
the world.  It just
| wont work.
| Mrcorp
| --- Mark Tombaugh <mtombaugh at alliedcc.com> wrote:
| > > Then let's make that day come sooner- everyone that administers a mail
| > > server, if you constantly receive spam from a domain- block it. I block
| > > all of China, Korea, and "odd" top-level domains. No one in Liberia has
| > > business mailing anyone at my server.
| >
| > If my clients can no longer do any business via e-mail with half of Asia, am
| > really doing them a service? Besides, most of todays UCE originates from the
| > states, have you blocked them?
| >
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