[Dshield] mail1.giac.net spamcop listed]

Richard Golodner RGolodner at Aetea.com
Wed Dec 17 15:16:33 GMT 2003

	After following this thread for some time, a couple of things are
apparent. Primarily we all hate Spam, I even hate the canned stuff, sorry
mom! Anyway, large (tier 1) ISP's have a job to do, which is provide transit
for all of our packets so we can communicate with the hosts of our choice
wherever they may reside. They can not do their job well if they are looking
at all of the traffic and filtering the Spam. Secondly, the smaller ISP's
hate Spam as it clogs their pipes and degrades their network's performance,
and then they have to deal with all manners of complaints. Third, the end
users hate it too! I think that we all have our own reasons for not wanting
to be inundated with this stuff, but where do we begin. I manage a small
class C, and am amazed at the amount of junk mail we receive. 
	My question is how can we as a community work together to stop this?
We all have different needs which should be addressed so that everyone is
getting what they need from any kind of move we make regarding Spam. What
can I do to make this better?
						Richard Golodner
						Aetea Information Technology

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