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well spoken and constructive. It occurs to me that in a free worldwide 
market such as we have with public services like the Internet the only 
thing that will work effectively is to find a way to internalize the 
economic cost to the spammer of their activity. In this respect I think 
the ebay trust model based on user feedback ratings could serve as a 
guide on how to address the spam problem. In other words we have to make 
NOT sending spam into a profitable business for one or more service 
providers. either through enhanced "reputational equity" and higher 
consequent market share, or, by profiting directly by maintaining a 
"spam-free" scorecard or white-list kind of service of good email senders.

For all its well known faults as sometimes documented/ranted upon on 
this  list, AOL, as a major provider of email services, has made a 
concerted effort to block spam and their latest version of their fat 
client, AOL 9.0, as well as their Netscape 7.1 based email service 
actually do a very effective job of spam filtering while allowing the 
end user to inspect the filtered spam message file to see if there are 
false positives and also to easily add false negatives to the spam 
filter. My experience with this new capability has been quite good and 
the rate of false negatives and positives has been reasonable. Out of  
~50 legitimate emails per day and only ~2-5 false negatives and  ~0-2 
false positives.

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