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Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Wed Dec 17 19:38:02 GMT 2003

While in the broader sense I suspect I have already addressed these points 
in today's Dshield comments, I don't know yet if the reply below came to 
just me, or to the list too, but I will reply.

[Subsequently found to have been sent to both me and the list, but my reply 
is the same.]

You are right.  I am parochial.  Especially with regards to spam mail 
offering me ways to increase the size of different portions of my anatomy 
depending on my sex, make pounds evaporate, grow hair when no more is 
needed, promise me millions of dollars or a secret mate, if only I supply 
someone with my credit card or a bank number, email viruses, pings and 
trojan attacks from Korea, China, France, Sweden, and a thousand other 
similar things I am parochial about.

Your envisionment of my attitude displays a lack of knowledge.  Sure, I 
have occasional contact with those places.  Have even stayed in some of 
them and interacted with occupants thereof.  Might even go to one soon.  I 
buy machinery and tools made in China frequently (because US competitive 
products are either more expensive or simply not available.  Have you 
omparison priced a US produced Bridgeport Mill against a Grizzly (CN brand 
name) Mill lately?  That does not mean I want to waste my time by viewing a 
stock "tip" in my mail box from CN, nor does it mean I am amused at getting 
a Swen attachment in an email from .Fr or an unwanted ad for a weight loss 
product from .de.  I have more than one ISP and more than one account and 
there is an unblocked business email address they can write me at if there 
is a valid business reason.

Special handling for things coming from Class A blocks are working very 
nicely for me.  (Yes, I am still getting a lot of US generated spam and 
probes and viruses, but guess what?  Not only am I parochial, but I am 
vengeful too.  Tracked down one repeat virus sender in St. Louis this 
spring and with great joy made his life pretty miserable both on and off 
the net.  Got another one in Florida last year, and one in NYC the year 
before.  Kind of a hobby of mine.)

Whether or not there would be an immediate effect on senders outside the US 
isn't really that important, but not for the reasons you imply.  Every 
project needs a center.  To begin within the US is easiest for me.  If you 
live in .de, or .fr, or .kr, etc., then you should be taking the same 
approach there.  My approach would lead to the identification of US 
spammers and virus senders so they could be dealt with in the most 
appropriate fashion, as local laws permit.  No one else has presented an 
approach to identify and punish the involved individuals.  Of course I 
would also like to see the laws be really harsh for those people, with 
$100K penalty fines for each instance, and 6 months in a hell hole jail for 
each virus sent.  Once that was done and bad emails and hostile probes were 
eliminated locally a lobbying approach for similar could be done, one 
country at a time if need be.

I lose a little functionality with my firewall rules, but not nearly as 
much as you would suspect and some claim.  Perhaps five Google produced 
sites out of every 100 when surfing.  Since my different machines must have 
over 3,000 bookmarked favorite places between them and I spend hours 
surfing every other day, I really doubt it is because of a narrow focus of 
interests as you implied.  More likely I just don't feel like wading 
through sites written in French, Arabic, Cantonese or other with a copy of 
Cassell's on my lap when the same or similar content is available as a 
mirror in my native language.

You can block Class As, or not, as you see fit for your machine.  You can 
support the position I am taking, or not.  Your choice.  I am expanding my 
audience as most of the detractors to it are coming across like the DC and 
NYC neighborhood residents who want to see killers and car thieves jailed, 
but who also don't want the jail to be in their neighborhoods.  Actually 
worse, because many of the ISP operators seem to have no interest in any 
enforcement against spammers.  (Curiosity, what is your role?)  Since RR 
and similar have no interest in self policing one must take a harsher 
approach.  I have yet to see a rational reason why a draconian approach 
begun locally, then expanded won't work.  If you have one now, before I 
start drafting letters and form a PAC lobbying group, is a good time to 
present one.

P.S. frequency?

John Sage wrote:

Two fragments from your comments reveal the same parochial attitude.

/* snip */

Sure. You have no involvement with the vast majority of nations on
this planet, not now or ever. They simply don't exist, as far as
you're concerned.

Good for you. Your vision doesn't extend past the horizon.

It might come as a real surprise to you to learn that your "State
license" will have absolutely no effect on off-shore spam operations.

But I forgot: you ignore most of the world's existence.

It wouldn't occur to you that a license or law drafted in the United
States would have no standing in that vast part of the world you're
not aware of.

- John
-- "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" - John Sage: InfoSec Groupie

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