[Dshield] Spoofed attack from IP

Bram ajm.nederhand at quicknet.nl
Thu Dec 18 15:33:41 GMT 2003

Hi Keith,

I found your message on the internet, stating that in October you had spoofing attacks from 
I have the same problem now. I red your message, but could not exacty understand what you mean with it.


I don't know if this relates or not, but I posted last week that I saw a
number of IP ranges that resolved to "localhost" rather than an actual
domain name. See thread "Class C resolves to localhost".

Perhaps that has something to do with what you are seeing?


Could you please try to inform me (as I am a victem not raised in a english speaking country) and especcially what you did against it?
Thanks in advance and regards,
Br at m

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