[Dshield] New version of Mimail perhaps

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Thu Dec 18 17:05:47 GMT 2003


  >> Sounds just like MiMail.E with the readnow.zip.
	Perhaps - what puzzles me is that my NAV did not pick it up. It
should have - my def has this one included.

  >> I just want to clarify, NAV was running OK on the workstation but once
the user received the email not opening it NAV failed?  
	Yes - all was fine until the email was received - then they started
having trouble checking mail and getting to the internet.  Since a reboot
and deletion of the email all has returned to normal on all computers.
   >> Do you have any event log info on what happened?  
	Hmm! That is an interesting question.  Just checked the event logs
on the computers and in all cases the XP event viewer shows "The event log
service was stopped" at precisely the same time as the email was received.
Not sure if this is a coincidence.  NAV log shows nothing at all which
surprises me - because it usually shows when something has changed in the
config of the software.  

Still waiting to hear back from Symantec. Will let you know.


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