[Dshield] Spam Email is there a solution "finally"?

Chris Brenton cbrenton at chrisbrenton.org
Fri Dec 19 01:16:20 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 14:18, IT Manager wrote:
> Speaking of Spam E-mail, I came across this little excerpt in an E-mail that
> someone had sent to me. It asks me to please verify my business before I can
> send this particular person an E-mail.

Ya there was a company in CA that made a big deal about how verification
was going to change the way we use e-mail. They went though two rounds
of VC funding, and then went bellie up. I understand the whole concept,
but quite honestly I have no interest in filling out a bunch of these
forms just because I posted to a mailing list. 

This seems to be a common problem as people bail on the idea pretty
quickly because they stop receiving their all of their mail. Apparently
a lot of people who receive this "fill out a quick form" message delete
it thinking its spam or phishing. ;-)

Along the same lines of "alternate ideas", I was reading a post on pf
which is OpenBSD's firewall. Apparently it can filter traffic based on
the passive fingerprint of the transmitting host. One of the suggested
uses was to reject 25/TCP connections from Windoze desktop OS's in an
effort to reduce the amount of spam received from the 0wn3d boxes on the
net. Thought this was an interesting idea, but I don't know anyone who
has tried it.


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