[Dshield] Spam Email is there a solution "finally"?

Fred Grayson fred at fred-grayson.net
Fri Dec 19 13:53:23 GMT 2003

Laurent Saplairoles wrote

>On 18 Dec 2003 at 16:14, Fred Grayson wrote:
>> Zero spam gets into user mailboxes, zero false positives, zero false
>> negatives.
>Actually Fred, you have no idea of what messages you lose because you might never 
>know that someone sent you a message but didn't bother replying to the service 
>No spam go thru, but you can be certain some legitimate mails get lost.

Actually, I do. Messages aren't generally "lost." They are held awaiting release in a pending queue. One 
can inspect the queue manually or have the system send summary reports of its contents on a schedule 
as often as one wants them. Messages are finally purged after 14 days if not confirmed, but that value is 
selectable too.

And the user can manually release any messages he or she wants at any time. The only messages that 
are actually "lost" are the very few that I have decided to deliberately reject outright. These being a very 
few blacklisted senders, and messages with malicious file attachment types. Blacklisted senders have 
their messages silently dropped - they don't even know its happening, but the action is logged here, so I 
am aware of it. Senders of unacceptable file attachments get a message back saying why their message 
was rejected with a suggestion how to send again it such that it will be acceptable. This is logged also.

In summary, nothing is "lost" without a reason and a record in the log.

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