[Dshield] Re: Spam Email is there a solution "finally"?

Erik van Straten emvs.dsh.3FB4CC72 at cpo.tn.tudelft.nl
Fri Dec 19 19:49:15 GMT 2003

Hi John,

On Fri, 19 Dec 2003 11:07:26 -0500 John Holmblad wrote:
> from my own experience the AOL approach works fine
> Perhaps there is someone else on this list who knows what they are
> using.

Among other things, they have blacklisted more than 100,000,000
IP-addresses, as can be read here:


IMHO this is an interesting read for all spam-figters. Carl Hutzler 
is Director AntiSpam Operations at AOL. If I'm correct this were his 
sheets for NANOG29, held Oct 19-21, 2003.


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