[Dshield] ICMP Echo Requests

jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Sat Dec 20 07:13:42 GMT 2003

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Martin Sheard wrote:

> Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 13:31:07 -0000
> From: Martin Sheard <martin at mgjs.co.uk>
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> Subject: [Dshield] ICMP Echo Requests

> Do I have anything to worry about? Is there anything I can do to put an end
> to all the ICMP traffic?

If you're running Linux, it's a matter of changing a value in the /proc
fs. It's something like: icmp_requests_ignore, change to "1". The Windows
machines on my ISP's net ping away to me constantly, all day long. This
machine drops them all ;)

I can't help but think that's a major security hole- I surely wouldn't
want to say "Hi! Here I am!" to every other machine mine could find, IMHO.

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